Video Game

Dinner Party [recording]

Tom Hughes [programming]

Emil Duxbury [artwork]

Pierre Flasse [audio]


Dinner Party is a short game where you pretend to host a Dinner

Party. Can you convince the guest they are with real humans?

game; eerie; harpsichord; comedy; horror

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Jambear's Adventure [recording]

Sam Troth [programming]

Emil Duxbury [artwork]

Pierre Flasse [audio]


Legend speaks of an ancient tower. and at the top of the tower lies the greatest treasure of all. Jambear NEEDS that treasure. It can't be that hard to reach... It's only one room...

Ludum Dare 37 Game

game; folk + orchestral; adventure; mysterious

game; 8-bit; fun; action

game + film; electronic; action; tense

game; electronic; atmospheric; calm

game; electronic; dramatic; adventure; dark