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The Lost Piano
Westwood Audio

The Lost Piano was a scoring competition held
by Westwood Audio in 2022.

10x10x21  [recording]


Across a 10 day event, collaborating with different animators and artists to bring picture and sound together. On the left is a highlight collaboration with visual artist Calum Main.


Svaha [recording]
William McC
readie & George Parry
'Svaha’ tells the remarka
ble story of a 2000-mile, three-month sea kayak expedition across the Caribbean Sea from Grenada to Miami, through some of the world’s most treacherous waters. It’s a journey attempted only twice before.


Sis  [recording]

Dimitris Toulias


Two estranged sisters, religious Fran and transgender Steph, reconcile their differences during the course of one night where honesty is the only policy.

[Winner Best Transgender Short - qFLIX Worcester: New England’s LGBTQ Film Festival]

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