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Pierre Flasse is an innovative artist dedicated to channeling vulnerability and intuition through his music. The music is deeply contemplative, blending beautiful sonic landscapes with smooth riffs and soaring melodies, resulting in a bold and genuine sound. Inspired by the music of Dhafer Youssef, Philip Glass and Daniel Herskedal, Flasse’s sound sits in a world between cinematic music, spiritual jazz and folk. His music resonates deeply with listeners, transcending genres and inviting audiences towards deep listening and to explore the internal connections we create with sound. 


Flasse’s creative process is a fluid, organic journey of discovery - eschewing rigid structures, he allows the music to flow naturally, weaving together melodies and rhythms with an instinctual grace that captivates and inspires. His shows entice audiences across the UK, drawing from the unique intimacy and vulnerability he brings to performance.

Flasse’s six-piece band brings folk instruments and contemporary effects into a jazz setting, featuring Andrew Barney (Ni Maxine) on keys, Maria Rocha (Moby Dickless) on electric and acoustic guitar, Daniel Springate (Ben Cipolla) on bass guitar and cello, Will Shaw on drums (Life Aquatic Band, balo, Assembly Trio), and Tom Drew on clarinet and tenor sax. He sold out at Band On The Wall's (Manchester, 2024) and Jazz At The Lescar (Sheffield, 2024) and and his singles have been played by Jazz FM (Sarah Ward, Ruth Fisher), 1BTN, Reform Radio, and playlisted several times by Amazing Radio. There will be a new EP called True released in 2024 alongside a tour.

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Elegy (Part 2)  18/12/2023

‘Elegy (Part 2)’ answers his debut single ‘Elegy’, with a delicate, powerful and spine-tingling musical experience. Flasse created it to ‘show the ride of emotions felt after beginning a new chapter [...] after the gratitude is gone, what’s remaining is the drive, the melancholy and the power’. Elegy (Part 2)  was playlisted by Amazing Radio in their Specialist category and in their Amazing Beats, it was also placed in a World Jazz playlist on Spotify.

Praise for Elegy (Part 2):


' all of us came out transported by his process [...] it's a delicate,

powerful musical experience'

– Sasha Shuttleworth (Giant Lovers Radio)

'a delicate, powerful, and spine-tingling bop'

– Wax Vinyl Records

Elegy 11/10/2023

Elegy is the first piece from a collection of meditative songs. It is ‘a love letter to acceptance [...] It's about moving on towards a new chapter, showing gratitude to an older version of yourself, and for the steps that you’ve taken so far.' Elegy was played several times on Jazz FM by Sarah Ward and Ruth Fisher, and distributed across Spotify playlists totalling 23k followers. 

Praise for Elegy:

'He’s making beautiful sounds [...] I think that’s a beauty, Pierre Flasse with his moving


- Sarah Ward (Jazz FM)


'an elegiac study of the relationship between strength and fragility'

– Sally Potter OBE  

'captivating and soul-stirring [...] a rich and textured landscape that's nothing short of


– Wax Vinyl Records


‘gorgeous and elegantly deep [...] beautiful, meditative and moving’

- Marco Woolf


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