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jazz originals

I bandlead a jazz originals project, writing cinematic folk jazz. My music creates a space for reflection through a dynamic journey with constantly shifting textures and instrumentation. Inspired by the music of Dhafer Youssef, Philip Glass and Daniel Herskedal, my sound sits in a world between cinematic music, spiritual jazz and folk. My music is an invitation to deep listening and to explore the internal connections we create with sound.

The six-piece band brings folk instruments and contemporary effects into a jazz setting, featuring Claire Cope (Ensemble C) on keys, multi-instrumentalist David McFarlane (Kites, Oh Hippo) on bouzouki, mandolin and electric guitar, Daniel Springate (Ben Cipolla) on bass guitar and cello, Will Shaw on drums (Life Aquatic Band, balo, Assembly Trio), and Tom Drew on clarinet and tenor sax.


Elegy was released on the 11th of October. It is the first piece from a collection of meditative songs exploring this approach. It is ‘a love letter to acceptance [...] It's about moving on towards a new chapter, showing gratitude to an older version of yourself, and for the steps that you’ve taken so far.'

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