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Joy Unspeakable 
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In 2021 I joined the Ordinary Glory team as the Musical Director for Joy UnspeakableJoy Unspeakable is a new piece of verbatim theatre for women, girls and their allies. It explores eating disorders - why they are all about food, and nothing to do with food.  Currently in development, Joy Unspeakable will invite audiences to join the conversation about recovery and consider whether medicalised definitions of mental ill health in fact mask more profound disorders in our culture and way of life. In September 2021, we met for a R&D week in Bolton to explore the relationship between the text, music and movement in the show. The musical direction of the show moves between choral voice, folk and punk (riot grrl), as all of these musics have a fundamental relationship with honesty and vulnerability. The show is in development for performances in Autumn 2023.

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