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I am working with Ditte Elly Goard on the next Musikeum project, Green Voices.


 Green Voices is a proactive and positive response to the climate emergency through the creation of a communal song book. The project is focused on young people in the UK between 15 – 35 years old.

Whether it be protest chants, christmas carols or folk songs, communal singing brings people together and gives a sense of belonging. We believe that this unifying feeling could be harnessed to bring about solidarity and hope surrounding the climate emergency. Climate-related anxiety and depression amongst young people is a widespread and serious problem, so there is an urgent need for action that combats this. Signing petitions, pressuring politicians, attending demonstrations are possible and do make a difference, but we also need action that can be a part of our every day, something we know and love and can make our own. This is precisely why music is the ideal tool for this task.

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