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Getting ready for a journey

The time is gradually arriving for my trip to Asia, and I thought it would be worth documenting what I get up to musically in the wondrous format of blog. I'm gradually rounding off all the things I have in the U.K., any teaching that I've left to do and also putting together some measure of resources in case I need to access them.

My journey is going to take me through a wealth of places with a wealth of different styles. The trip will start with Sri Lanka, India and (hopefully) Pakistan. In these places I've got a few workshops scheduled in with some local folk musicians. I've got to think what I might be able to expect from:

A) finding musicians in these places

B) playing with musicians in these places

C) myself: what am I trying to take from this

I think the first two points won't be as much of an issue. Going to gigs, meeting locals and a combination of couchsurfing and carrying a pBone (plastic trombone) on my back will hopefully be an indicator to most. The last point however, is possibly the most prudent in terms of this. I have in mind some new projects I would like to start actually using background ambience from different locations (I am taking a small zoom mic with me), I would like to also get recordings of new styles, new forms, and potentially me improvising with these - which I think could open up a whole 'can of worms' creatively and inspirationally.

I have also been developing a series of improvisational workshops, activities and ideas to use and so it would be really interesting to try and develop these with different groups of people - be it fellow travellers, local musicians or even groups of children in schools.

Truly, it's hard to know quite what to expect. The attitude with which I go is probably the most important tool to take me with me. To take care with other people, establish some ground and then possibly move on from there and play together.

I think people will definitely be intrigued, it's not every day you see a bright orange plastic trombone around the place.

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