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Instrumental Works


L'art pour l'art


Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage was written on the Psappha Ensemble Composing For... scheme in 2022. It is a piece that explores a journey to the beginning of life. It begins as a seed gentle breaks from a tree and falls to the earth in the wind. Just as the seed gather momentum, it reaches a moment of stasis, gliding through the air with light shining down through the leaves. After this moment, the perspective shifts upwards to a soul speeding its way towards a new beginning, and the piece ends as it began.


Duration: 5 minutes

Moving Home

Written for Daniella Sicari for the SongSLAM 2022 London Competition. This art song sets the beautiful poem written by Rod Moran, exploring the effect of a move from a place where there had been deep emotional investments and experiences. Both Rod and Daniella are Australian and so the song is intended to be sung with a slight Australian inflection.

Soprano / Piano

Duration: 50 minutes

L'art pour l'art [First Draft]

A new, imaginative and challenging opera which will create a dialogue about gaslighting and misinformation alongside developing workshops for the local community.

Small ensemble [oboe / bassoon / bass clarinet / percussion x2 / violin / viola / cello / double bass]

Duration: 50 minutes


L'art pour l'art [WORK IN PROGRESS]

A new, imaginative and challenging opera which will create a dialogue about gaslighting and misinformation alongside developing workshops for the local community.

Small ensemble [oboe / bassoon / bass clarinet / percussion x2 / violin / viola / cello / double bass]

Duration: 50 minutes


A graphic score originally written for BCMG Next Ensemble. A piece that plays on the gravitational pull of a sink, navigating through an ethereal landscape before being sucked down the drain. 

Duo [player 1 / player 2]

Duration: c. 3-10 minutes

Joy Unspeakable R&D 

A new piece of verbatim theatre for women, girls and their allies. In September 2021, we met for a R&D week in Bolton to explore the relationship between the text, music and movement in the show. The musical direction of the show moves between choral voice, folk and punk (riot grrl), as all of these musics have a fundamental relationship with honesty and vulnerability. 

piano / soundscape / viola / cajon / voice / electric guitar / electric bass / drums

Duration: 15 minutes

Joy Unspeakabl
Movng Home
Maide Voyage



Project Isolation: Installation #17 [video]

Collaborative video piece with Ted Walliker and Georgia Brown of whatstick theatre. Responding to the theme of "Tell us the last text you sent/received".


Duration: 4 minutes

Gloom washes golden [recording] [video]

In memoriam Iggy Fox. Words by Nick Conroy.

Choir [SATB]

Duration: 4 minutes 20


Sketches for Piano [recording]

These Sketches for Piano explore different ideas of decay and how they punctuate music. The first sketch, Pink with Gold explores decay’s relationship with harmony. Using the sustain pedal, the resonance of each chord carrying a slightly altered harmonic footprint amasses into a bed of sound, to gradually fade - the individuality of each chord decays away. In That Faraway Cloud, the harmony and sustain pedal is used similarly but explores how each line interacts and fades against one another. It employs a rhythmic approach similar to that of flamenco - accentuating rhythmic beats on a loop but then juxtaposes lines on different length repeats. 


Duration: 13 minutes

Svaha [OST] [recording]

'Svaha’ tells the remarkable story of a 2000-mile, three-month sea kayak expedition across the Caribbean Sea from Grenada to Miami, through some of the world’s most treacherous waters. It’s a journey attempted only twice before. Directed by William McCreadie & George Parry.

Synthesisers / string orchestra

Duration: 28 minutes

Project isolatin
Gloom washes golde
Sketches for Piano


The Bee Carol [recording] [video]

The Bee Carol takes inspiration from Carol Ann Duffy’s poem of the same name. The poem plays with the fragility and vulnerability of the bee in hibernation, but also of the strength of the hive together. I felt a particularly strong connection with this image from my own time spent in Manchester - the city of the worker bee. The music responds to the inquisitive nature of the bees in their fragile state, and is treated as a folk tune to reflect the original secular use of carols through history.

Choir [SATB]

Duration: 2 minutes

Out to Lunch [video]

Out to Lunch is an operatic one act nonsense in which a person on the edge of sanity is bombarded with tasks, trials and tribulations. The characters search for endless meaningless meaning in a satirical, metaphorical and pedagogical adventure into retail.

Opera [Mezzo soprano solo / baritone solo / 1 high voice / 2 low voices / Bb trumpet / Bb bass clarinet / accordion / violin / viola]

Duration: 10 minutes

Shadows of Doubt [recording]

Shadows of Doubt is inspired by Mark Rothko's Yellow Pink and Lavender on Rose. The music responds to the colourful nature of the art and to the playful, inquisitive disposition of Sandra Burnett's poem. Taking inspiration from Irish folk melodies, it plays with a sense of fragility between the singers in the trio.

Vocal trio [S/S/A]

Duration: 3 minutes

The Importance of Being [recording]

let not / splash / again / nature poem / the secret

A song cycle for male voice and ensemble, The Importance of Being explores concepts of society, love, living and value. The poetry of Charles Bukowski is spoken over a small jazz ensemble, allowing the depth of his language to resonate over quick-changing, chaotic and vibrant textures.

Male voice / soprano sax / Bb trumpet / double bass [doubling electric bass] / vibraphone / drum kit

Duration: 14 minutes

Like Shining from Shook Foil

 The world is charged with the grandeur of God.    

          It will flame out, like shining from shook foil;    

      It gathers to a greatness, like the ooze of oil

 Crushed. Why do men then now not reck his rod?                                                    

                                              - Gerard Manley Hopkins

Orchestra [ 2 / 2 / 1+bass / 2 - 4 / 2 / 2+bass / 1 - perc, hp, str ]

Duration: 8 minutes

Sea to Sky [recording]

Sea to Sky takes inspiration from Rothko’s art, namely Green over Blue. In collaboration with Sandra Burnett, we spoke about depth of colour and the fragility of edges. Through her words, I portray this fragility and its unnerving volatility in Sea to Sky.

Solo alto / piano

Duration: 3 minutes

Silkscreen [recording]

Silkscreen refers to a screen of fine mesh used whilst screen printing I take the process of screen printing literally, by building colour in overlaying chords and metre across the original stencil. There remains some bleed and blemishes as the ‘ink’ doesn’t always print correctly. The work was 

inspired by elements of industry within Manchester, applying similar ideas of process and industry to music.

Brass quintet [ 2 Bb trumpets / french horn / trombone / tuba ]

Duration: 6 minutes


Riptide [recording]

Riptide is about the ebbing and flow of sound, almost emulating the music of a synthesiser. The choir has undercurrents which flit between parts, focusing on texture, washing gradually through the piece.

Choir [ SSAATTBB with 2 performers per part [16 total] ]

Duration: 6 minutes

Ad hoq 

Drawing on the art of hocketing, Ad hoq strives to throw a musical 'hiccup' in timbre and line around the ensemble. The nature of the ensemble leaves chance for purposeful contradictions of style and sound between the instruments. Ad hoq responds to Machaut’s work, Hoquetus David.

Viola de gamba / trombone / descant recorder

Duration: 2 minutes 30

Bobbyknocker Trio [recording]

I could dare / Alone / Cold realisation

A trio of poems by Sarah Teale, reimagined as musical theatre numbers, exploring themes of loneliness.

Solo soprano / piano

Duration: 4 minutes 40

FAKE NEWS [recording]

Trump Natural Spring Water / Trump Steaks / Trump Utility Home Bedding / Trump Effect / Trump Fragrance

For me, much of Andy Warhol’s work seems to be concerned with surface and what, if anything, lies beneath. As each print is produced, small flaws emerge conveying a sense of decay across the work. It is also greatly concerned with American identity, “That’s why the American government and the American media are so great. The President, the news magazines, television - they only want to capture America’s mood at the moment, reflect it back and ... start feeling American like everyone else”. I see much of Warhol’s work as a reflection of what he feels America to be at the time of each work’s inception, from a giant hamburger, to stardust ‘Shadows’ presenting a macabre disco decor. I have sought to adapt this reflection to today’s America, literally reflecting the President, Donald Trump back to us, the people. Trump represents a vast part of the American identity, the rise of business to the very top of law and order, as a direct result of us, the consumers. Taking this reflection, I have written small jingles, selling some of these genuine Trump products. Using largely his own language, I seek to portray not only the success of consumerism, but also the unnerving decay with which it, and Trump seems to lay beneath the surface.

Male vocal trio [ 2 tenors / bass ]

Duration: 5 minutes 20

superimpose [recording]

This piece was inspired by the aesthetic of artist, Idris Khan. By superimposing dense layers of imagery and photography, his work begins to take on new meanings through the juxtaposition of art, words and religion. I sought to try this musically. By directly recording the performers, a Max/MSP patch loops and plays back cells a certain number of times. This leads to the phasing in and out of material and the superimposition of 4 instruments upon themselves. The music follows the movement of two chords, in an organic and evolving process - leading to climax in a fanfare solo by the trumpet over the muddy texture beneath.      

Flute / Bb clarinet / Bb trumpet / cello / live electronics

Duration: 11 minutes

Sis [OST] [recording]

Two estranged sisters, religious Fran and transgender Steph, reconcile their differences during the course of one night where honesty is the only policy. Directed by Dimitris Toulias.

Organ / violin / cello

Duration: 10 minutes

The Bee Carol
Out to Lunch
Shadows of Doubt
The Importance of Being
Like Shining From Shook Foil
Sea to Sky
Ad hoq
Bobbyknocker Trio



The name SEMI TRANSPARENT MAGMA derives from the description of a piece of post-conceptualist art called "Screen to Screen" by Kelley Walker. It creates its subject from the superimposition of screen prints from a diverse visual material which then creates a framework and structure in a "semi-transparent magma". The semi-transparency is created in this piece from the pitch and colour canon. As one violin leads the rest of the ensemble, the pitches and colours can be drawn across a slow moving canvas. Moving at different speeds, this creates an oozing magma as sounds are superimposed across different layers and colours. These are kept in check by the constant of the glissandi, which seeks to destabilise, but at the same time enforce the shifts and clashes in pitch and colour.

String quartet [ 2 violins / viola / cello ]

Duration: 2 minutes

Vent [recording]

Vent is an etude for solo flute which explores the different tensions within a person’s day, represented through separate cells. Each cell becomes a channeling of each form of anger a person may feel, and explores the relationship of these angers amongst one another. Once each frustration has been fought with itself, the material makes a final move in its teleology with an attempted resolution of each anger, as the person releases their vexation from their mind, and music. 

Solo flute

Duration: 2 minutes


associate-Free [recording]

Free association is an art form which utilises of the flow of consciousness, how one thought lead to another and reacts to itself, manifesting in words with close symbolic or sonic links to one another. Using the lyrics from a Darwin Deez free-association track, associate-Free proffers the impact of the subconscious upon the conscious.

Solo bass [voice] / trombone / tuba / Bb trumpet 

Duration: 4 minutes 45

How Not To Be Seen: An Audio Visual Handbook [recording]

This work is informed by How Not To Be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV file, a piece of post-internet art by Hito Steyerl. It explores invisibility of the self in an age of excessive visibility of the internet, media and satellite images. Each instrument here aligns with a seemingly random and different person in our age, seeking to define themselves and hide from the exposure of technology.

Bb clarinet / tuba / viola / animateur

Duration: 7 minutes

 © 2022 Pierre Flasse

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