Pierre Flasse    |||   2019

Pierre Flasse (1995) is a British/Belgian composer based in Manchester in the UK. From February 2019, he is away on a musical research and compositional trip in Asia, which will be documented in the blog. 

He experiments with concepts of decay and how they can be expressed musically in different forms. He is a finalist with the Kaleidoscope Orchestra in Los Angeles, and recently had a surrealist opera commissioned by the Manchester Contemporary Youth Opera. He has worked with a wealth of ensembles, including Manchester Renaissance Ensemble, Opera North, Quatuor Danel and the Vonnegut Collective.


Pierre has a particular fascination with the voice and experimenting with different vocal textures. Most recently he has created a song cycle for male voice and jazz ensemble, combining the spoken word of Charles Bukowski with chaotic and hypnotic music inspired by Art Ensemble of Chicago and film noir. 


He scores game and film soundtracks and does sound design for all media. He loves engineering synthesizers and evolving decaying textures and recently scored the music for 'Svaha', a kayaking adventure documentary for Get Exploring Trust.

He leads composition and improvisation workshops for all age and skill levels across the country. For all enquiries, please use the form at the bottom of the page.


Pierre Flasse 

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