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Pierre Flasse is a composer, sound designer, performer and educator based in Manchester. He is a visionary artist dedicated to channeling vulnerability and intuition through his music. His sound resonates deeply with audiences, transcending genres and inviting listeners into profound introspection.


He seamlessly moves between worlds, creating music and sound for theatre and game, and his jazz originals project takes listeners on a dynamic musical journey of cinematic folk jazz. He is a keen collaborator and theatre maker and he acts as the musical director/composer/sound designer for Ordinary Glory - a theatre company for social change. He is the composer's assistant to Sally Potter OBE and as a multi-instrumentalist he performs around the UK in genres spanning jazz to traditional Indian music.

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' all of us came out transported by his process [...] it's a delicate, powerful musical experience'

Sasha Shuttleworth (Giant Lovers Radio)

'captivating and soul-stirring [...] a rich and textured landscape that's nothing short of wonderful'

Wax Vinyl Records

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